Flipping the Online College Classroom

How you can use the flipped classroom model to create more engaging online courses


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The flipped classroom model has traditionally been defined in the context of the in-person classroom. We talk about what students to "in" and "out" of class. But, this doesn't work in the online space. Online courses don't have an "in" or "out" of class structure.

Does that mean we can't apply the flipped model to an online course? Absolutely not! We can adapt the model. In fact, we NEED to adapt it because today's educational experiences aren't just taking place in the in-person classroom.

We're teaching online in synchronous, asynchronous, and blended formats. Higher education is changing and the flipped classroom model should change too because we know it increases student engagement and improve learning.

So, what could the flipped model look like in an online course? How could it work? That's what we'll do in this mini-course!

I hope you'll join me as we explore the next generation of the flipped classroom!

Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.
Founder, FLIP It Consulting & Lecture Breakers
[email protected]



In this self-paced online mini-course, you will re-think and re-define the flipped classroom model so you can apply it to any of your online courses to create a more engaging learning experience for students and a more manageable teaching experience for you.

Whether you're teaching online synchronously, asynchronously, or some blended combination of the two, this mini-course will help you create a more engaging online learning experience using a revised flipped classroom model as your guide.

After completing this mini-course, you will be able to:

  • redefine the flipped classroom model in the context of online courses.
  • know what mistakes to avoid when planning flipped learning experiences.
  • find "flippable moments" in your courses to determine what to flip and what to leave as-is.
  • develop ways to address student resistance and increase student success.
  • adapt your flipped lesson plan to work for students who are attending class synchronously and asynchronously.
  • integrate a variety of flipped and active learning teaching strategies without feeling overwhelmed or needing to create multiple lesson plans.

How does this course work and what's included?

How does the course work and what's included?

  • When the course opens, you get immediate access to all course materials.
  • This is a self-paced, online course. You can move through the modules as quickly as you want to.
  • Each module includes a series of videos, worksheets, templates, and recommended resources.
  • Bonus resources such as podcast episodes and additional articles are included.
  • It should take approximately 3-4 hours total to complete this mini-course.
  • You have access to the course materials for 90 days from when you enroll.

Your Instructor

Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.
Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Barbi! For the past 20 years, I have been creating programs, events, and resources to help educators increase student engagement and improve learning. I try to celebrate what you are already doing and encourage you to try new ideas. I work with professors, instructors, faculty development professionals, instructional designers, postdocs, and graduate students who want to learn how to teach and design engaging learning experiences. I am the founder of FLIP It Consulting and creator and host of the Lecture Breakers podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and end?
This is a self-paced, on-demand, online course. The course will open in October and you get unlimited access for 90 days. from when you enroll. It should take approximately 3-4 hours to complete the mini-course.
What's included in the course?
When the course opens, you get immediate access to all course materials including videos, templates, worksheets, and resources. All videos and audio files include closed-captioning and/or transcripts.
Are group / department / campus rates available?
Yes! Group rates and campus rates are available. The cost is $2500 for up to 50 participants. Contact me for information about larger groups: [email protected]
What forms of payment are accepted?
The enrollment system is set up to accept credit cards. However, I know that all campuses are different when it comes to payment processes, and I will work with you. Contact [email protected] if you need to submit payment using a PO or check.
Who do I contact if I need more information?
Contact Barbi by email: [email protected]

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