Designing and Facilitating Active Learning Experiences in the College Classroom

Virtual Professional Development Program for the LWTech Mathematics Department

An online professional development workshop series to support you in designing active learning experiences in your courses.

Sponsored by the LWTech Mathematics Department
and funded by the SPARK "Flipping the Script on Math Pathways" grant.

January 24 - February 13, 2022

Welcome to this workshop series for faculty and staff at LWTech! I'm looking forward to working with you!

Flipped and active learning classrooms are dynamic and interactive. It takes a different set of skills to design, manage, and facilitate an in-person student-centered, active learning experience.

In this online workshop series, we will explore different types of active learning strategies and discuss how to create a successful learning environment for you and your students.

You will design a lesson (or re-design an existing lesson) that includes one active learning strategy, and you have the option to share your lesson with other participants to get feedback.

Learning outcomes:

  • Design (or re-design) a lesson that includes one active learning strategy.
  • Identify where to find "flippable moments" in a course.
  • Consider the different “levels of intensity” when planning classroom activities.
  • Discuss strategies to encourage students to come to class prepared and ready to participate.
  • Discuss how to manage time, group dynamics, and student engagement during class time.
  • Consider how roles change for students and instructors when implementing flipped and active learning experiences.
  • Explore example teaching strategies to increase student engagement and improve learning.

See the details below for information about the schedule, topoics, and dates.

NOTE: When you enroll, please make sure to use your LWTech email address. You do NOT need to enter any payment information.

Thanks so much,
Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.


What's included?

This workshop series includes:

  • 6 self-paced online lessons (Each lesson takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Try to complete 2 lessons each week. See the schedule below.)

  • 1 synchronous/live Q&A session (February 11 @ 2:00-2:30pm PT)

When you enroll, you will get:

  • Instant access to all lessons, videos, worksheets, and resources. Lessons are also available for you in audio format so you can listen on the go if you prefer.

  • Invitation to the live, synchronous Q&A session where you can connect with colleagues, ask questions, and share resources. The session will be recorded.

  • Access to the private discussion forum. This forum is only open to you and your colleagues participating in this workshop series.

  • A copy of my whitepaper 10 Strategies to Encourage Students to Do the Pre-Class Work in Flipped and Active Learning Courses.

  • A copy of my e-book: FLIP the First 5 Minutes of Class: 50 Focusing Activities to Engage Your Students and Create More Time for Learning

  • Access to all resources and videos until March 11, 2022 (30-day access)

Schedule Overview

Lessons 1 & 2 (Monday, January 24 - Sunday, January 30):

  • Lesson 1: Quick Review: The Flipped Classroom Model & Active Learning
  • Lesson 2: Not All Active Learning Strategies are Created Equal

Lessons 3 & 4 (Monday, January 31 - Sunday, February 6):

  • Lesson 3: How to Use the PLAN Framework to Design an Engaging Lesson
  • Lesson 4: Student Success, Motivation, and Support

Modules 5 & Your Choice (Monday, February 7 - Sunday, February 13):

  • Lesson 5: Tips for Facilitating Active Learning Experiences
  • Bonus Lesson: Choose your own adventure! Complete a bonus module that interests you the most:

    Lesson 6: Activities to Start Class and Focus Students’ Attention
    Lesson 7: Activities to Tap into Students’ Prior Knowledge and Experiences
    Lesson 8: Activities to Promote Critical Thinking Skills
    Lesson 9: Activities to Assess Students’ Learning
    Lesson 10: Activities to Encourage Reflection and Debriefing

Live Q&A Session (Friday, February 11 @ 2:00-2:30pm CT)

Your Instructor

Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.
Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Barbi! For the past 20 years, I have been creating programs, events, and resources to help educators increase student engagement and improve learning. I try to celebrate what you are already doing and encourage you to try new ideas. I work with professors, instructors, faculty development professionals, instructional designers, postdocs, and graduate students who want to learn how to teach and design engaging learning experiences. I am the founder of FLIP It Consulting and creator and host of the Lecture Breakers podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program begin and end?
The program includes 6 self-paced online modules and 1 live, synchronous Q&A session (Friday, February 11 @ 2:00-2:30pm PT). The self-paced, online modules run from January 24 - February 13. You have access to all of the materials, resources, and recordings through March 13, 2022 (30-day access).
What is the cost for the program?
There is no cost to you. This program is sponsored by LWTech Mathematics Department and funded by the SPARK "Flipping the Script on Math Pathways" grant. When you register and enroll in the program, you do NOT have to enter any credit card or payment information.
What's included in the program?
You get unlimited access to all program materials through March 13, 2022. This includes access to all of the modules, videos, worksheets, private discussion forum, and additional resources. You also get access to the recording from the live session, a free whitepaper, and 1 free e-book.
Who do I contact if I have questions?
Barbi Honeycutt: [email protected] or Sherry McLean: [email protected]
How do I enroll?
Click either of the "enroll" buttons on this page. NOTE: When you enroll, please make sure to use your campus email address.​ You do NOT need to enter any payment information. You get access to all of the modules immediately, so you can complete the modules any time that works best for you.

Contact Barbi to enroll your group! [email protected]